How to Do Carpet Stretching

First of all, if you don’t know what carpet stretching is, let me explain. It is the process, during installation or repair, which ensures that your carpet is secure, taught and it is covering the entire floor. Nicely stretched carpets will stay smooth and flat, and it will also stay in place. All kinds of wrinkles can be removed by this operation and be sure to act quickly if you notice such a problem. Else you may end up with a permanent carpet damage.

At the beginning let’s examine what causes the rugs to ripple. Possible reason for this issue could be the poor installation, it is entirely installer’s fault. He might not used a power stretcher properly or even not used one at all. Excessive wear because of the hard traffic at your home or moving heavy furniture around, these are also some of the main reason for the wrinkle appearance. Be very careful when it comes to padding, because certain pile types has its own specific padding types. You should consult a trained expert on the matter, such as some cleaning company London professionals.

So what you are going to do, if your carpet looks more like a stormy sea than a flat surface? You will need certain tools to do the stretching. Here is a list of the stuff needed: knee stretcher, power carpet stretcher, staple gun, carpet or slotted blade knife, awl, hammer and stair tool. I bet you don’t have all the tools included in the list, so if you are not willing to buy them, consider hiring any deep cleaning services that will offer you a carpet stretching service.

If you are a stubborn fellow and you got the items then we can proceed with a brief description of the process. Empty the room of all the furniture, determine the direction the carpet needs to be pulled and use the awl to lift the edge of the carpet. Now use the carpet stretcher to rip the carpet carefully and remove only wrinkles. Make sure every area is flat and do some small adjustments.

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