How to Deal with Too Friendly Neighbours Part 1

Probably you’ve already stumbled across plenty of articles that give advice how to deal with neighbours from hell. But what could you do if you’re faced with the opposite situation – your neighbours are too friendly, even more than you could stand up… Let me share with you how my lovely neighbours were ruining my life and how I’ve succeeded in coping with this problem…

Everything started from the first moment when I saw them. Movers London just delivered my stuff and started to unload them of the van. There were so many things to do, everyone was in hurry, I had to check whether all items were there and so on when they arrived. They were a nice elderly couple – George and Linda. My new neighbours were so friendly – they’ve just wanted to welcome me. Linda even made me a lovely pie (can you believe it?)! I was so happy and I thought that they are wonderful people and we’ll become good friends with them. The moment, as you could imagine, was absolutely inopportunely but nevertheless they insisted to explain me everything about everybody in the neighbourhood. So just within ten minutes I understood where is the best shop, which hairdresser would rip me off and where should I go for a walk. Probably you would say that it was so nice of them to give me that essential info, I also thought so. However, in the end I succeeded in explaining them that I have a lot to do and they left me alone.

Probably you think that it was all… Oh, no, it wasn’t! The things got worse after the removal company London finished with unloading my stuff. George and Linda came again and offered me some help. That was so nice, how could I refuse them? But they just didn’t want to go even when we finished unpacking! Linda even insisted to make a dinner! But all I wanted is lay down and rest…

It was high time I did something to stop all that. Do you want to find out how I’ve managed with them? Then read the second part of this article…

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