How to Deal With Smelling Shoes

The main source of bad smells and odours are some bacteria which thrive in dark and wet places, so your sweaty training shoes are just perfect for them to feel comfortable. So, when you consider the ways to get rid of the bad smells, you will need to think how to kill the bacteria. This is the main thing and of course this is where you should concentrate most of your cleaning efforts.

If the shoes are damp cleaners Greenwich recommend you to remove the insoles, open the shoes as wide as possible and to let them stay in a well ventilated and dry place. You can leave them in your room. This will dry them perfectly but all the smells will vaporise in the room, so you’d better leave them on your balcony. The bathroom is not the best place either, because it is very wet. However, do not leave the shoes under direct and strong heat stream . This will cause the glue to melt and therefore will ruin your trainings.

If the shoes are not very wet, but only slightly, put them under sun light as you remove the laces and lift the tongues up. This is maybe one of the best ways to solve the problem if it is not very “stinky”.

When the shoes are dry, put them in a plastic bag, zip it well and put the bag into your freezer. Let them stay overnight. This should kill the bacteria. However, if this also does not make the difference you can use baking soda which you should sprinkle inside the shoes. This will remove the moisture and the smells.

However, if the case is really serious and non of these cleaning tips can make the things better, you can simply give the shoes for a professional dry cleaning. Cleaners Grove Park know how to deal with this sort of situations and they can guarantee you best possible results and on top of that on a pretty reasonable price which makes their offers pretty attractive.

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