How to Deal With a Commercial Printing Company

Are you worried to meet up with a commercial printing company because you have no idea where to start? Stop worrying and get your act together.  Here are a few pointers to go through as you start your journey with commercial printing:

1) Prices and Discounts
You do not have to get the lowest prices there is because it is likely that the printers will use cheaper materials to keep up with your incessant haggling just to say yes to you.  So make sure you haggle right and know the current competitive printing rate for that particular print job and volume before you continually ask them to lower the price.  You can also check online for possible coupons or promos they currently have.

2) Customer Service
Their customer service must be outstanding that you could barely have to lift a finger to do anything.  If they help you from the ideas, to the design, to the print and event to the delivery then you need to award that printer for a good customer service.  They have to do all of these of course with a warm smile consistently.

3) Customization

All prints should be customized; this gives your prints that brand they deserve.  Your printers should have a lot of options available and packages to choose from should you require other sets of prints to be done together with your other print.

4) Quality Print Outs
You should be getting what you are paying for.  If you picked the thickest paper there is then that is what you should get.  All prints must be clear and the intensity of the colors should be the same from the start of the page to the last.  Everything should be as discussed.

5) Rush Orders and Deadlines
If you are dire need to get quick prints, then make sure you cleared this out with your printer before starting, generally they will just add an additional fee for the rush orders but do not worry as this is normally just a minimal fee.  No matter what, your printers must be able to meet any deadline you request to do.  They will tell you beforehand anyway if what you want is feasible.

6) Previous Customer Satisfaction Rating
Have you checked on your printers background yet? Ask past clients on how they rate this printer’s service not just on the prints but on their customer service, options, and perhaps even their after sales service. Do it like you are making a quick survey.  Do not be afraid to ask, most of the people anyway prefer talking about their opinions and past experiences so you won’t have much trouble getting some.  Just be critical and try not to believe everything they say.

7) Are you organized and ready?

Is everything ready now? Are your files, text and other print stuff in place? As you discuss everything with your printer you need to clarify and point out all your ideas, your budget, the paper you want to use, the colors you hope to see etc. be very specific with what you need.  If you are making your design make sure to save your file in either a pdf format or jpg, which is highly recognizable by almost all printers.

Just about any Commercial printing company can help you, but there will be only one who can help you and give you the best.  Choose the right printer and you are choosing the  right commercial printing there is.

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