How To Could You Manage With the Flood Consequences?

Nowadays the problems with the climate changes are very topical. More often big disasters happen – fires, droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and so on… Probably the most likely calamities that could happen in UK are the floods. The heavy rains which are something that happen almost every day, put the country in very risky position. If your house is flooded, do you know how you could manage with the dirt which will appear all around the house?

Depending of the power of the flood, the damages could be different. You could have broken windows, doors, over a meter of water and mug in your living room, or, if you are lucky, only some damp could appear around your house. No matter how big are the consequences, you should take care to remove all the traces as soon as possible.

First of all you should draw off the water of the premises. Do it slowly, because on the walls could appear some cracks if you do it too fast. Remove all the mud and rid out of all the things that the water brought in the house.

Secondly open the windows wide. This will let the fresh air in, will help to dry the walls and will reduce the growth of the mold and the mildew. Take down all the pictures and posters and move out everything from the premises.

Wash the carpets and the rugs and leave them outside to dry good. Use some bleach to disinfect all the walls, ceilings and floors. Everything which could be cleaned with bleach, should be treated with it. This is very powerful disinfectant which will kill all the germs and will remove the mold and the mildew. Dump all the glasses and dishes in solution of hot water and bleach for few hours, wash them with clean water and let them dry by themselves, don’t use cloth to do that. You have to buy new mattresses and throw the old ones. For the other furniture is better to use some help of professional end of tenancy cleaning company.

It is extremely difficult to remove the flood damages by yourself. In most of the cases you will need special equipment which could be provided by some professional end of tenancy cleaning companies.

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