How to Clean Your Vacuum Brush Roller

Vacuum cleaning is one of the regular cleaning tasks, which every householder has to do to build a healthy home environment. As you know, the most needed tool for the job is your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes, sizes, models and have different functions. Moreover, these machines are not cheap and the cleanliness of your home depends on them. Therefore, you have to take a good care of your vacuum cleaner, for both your own and your family’s sake.

A common problem among home owners is that most of these people do not know how to use their vacuum cleaners properly. And this leads to damages, which become a big inconvenience for home owners. Sometimes, many of the London cleaning companies have the same problem, but they know how to resolve it. Moreover, most of the experienced cleaners can explain where home owners are wrong and why their vacuum machines do not work as well as they should. The main problem here is that many people do not know how to clean their vacuum brush rollers. And here are some tips that may help you to prolong the life of your vacuum brush roller.

1. If you clean your vacuum brush roller regularly then you will be able to increase the effectiveness of you vacuum cleaning. The first step of the cleaning process is to switch off the machine. Then, you have to open or remove the base plate of your vacuum cleaner. Next thing to do is to remove the brush roller. How exactly to do this? Read the manual for more instructions or try to handle the job by yourself.

2. You have to clean all the brushes. To do this use a needle or the end of a pair of scissors. This way, you will be able to remove more of the dirt, stuck in the brushes. Some brushes on the brush roller require to be replaced. To lubricate the bearings use a drop or two of light machine oil. Last but not least, professional cleaners London advise their people to not forget to clean the base plates of their vacuum cleaners.

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