How to Clean Your Silver Coins

People have different interests and this is the main reason why many of us have hobbies. The difference between working and having a hobby is that the second one brings us joy and happiness. Do you have a hobby? What is it? One of the most common hobbies are collecting napkins, stamps and silver coins. If you are a collector of silver coins then you have to read this article, because here you will find out how to keep your precious silver coins clean and shiny.

Do you know that professional London cleaners know everything about cleaning. They can help you with every small cleaning job, which you do not know how to handle. Moreover, many of these professionals not only clean people’s homes for money, but because they enjoy it. This sounds unbelievable, but yes there are many such cases. Also, they work this job, because this way, they help people to build a clean and healthy environment in their homes. So, if you wonder how to maintain your gorgeous silver coin collection do not wonder, but ask somebody, who knows everything about cleaning. However, to make it easier for you I have prepared some tips, given by professional cleaners, which will help you to bring the glamour back to your coins.

1. The most important thing, which you have to know about cleaning silver coins is that you do not have to clean them. What an absurd statement, right? Actually, coin experts forbid collectors to clean their silver coins, because this reduces their value.

2. If you have tarnished coins, use some mild dish soap and mix it in distilled water. This is the best cleaner for the job.

3. Last but not least, London cleaning professionals warn you to not use any baking soda, boiling water or salt, because these eco-friendly cleaners also are not good for your silver coins.

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