How to Clean Your Home Without Using Chemicals

Many people are so used to all these cleaning products full of toxic chemicals that most of them think that using simple bleach and chlorine products does not cause so much harm on the environment. Many claim that they use such “simple” products, no chemicals. Unfortunately, chlorine has been used as a weapon in wars that cause suffocation. Many housewives that use strong cleaning detergents know this feeling very well.

Such cleaning products do not cause only health issues and poisoning but also drains your family budget. More and more commercial cleaning products get stronger which leads to a bigger price. Moreover, most of them along with getting stronger become harsher and cause most of nowadays allergies. That is why even professional cleaners Anerley have replaced the cleaning products they use with less harsh alternatives.

No matter how sceptical you feel about the natural cleaning products, you should give them a try. Just think about it. What had your grandmother been using to clean her home when there were no commercial cleaners? Products, that can be found in her kitchen of course. All you need is some vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt and such stuff. This will also not cost you a fortune. This products can be found in every grocery store on a really acceptable price. You know the commercial window cleaners, right? Most of them are pretty expensive, but leave many streaks on your windows and they cannot be cleaned perfectly. And, at last, you accept the fact that windows cannot be perfectly cleaned no matter what you do. As a matter of fact, did you try the water-vinegar solution combined with old newspapers? This method of window cleaning will do miracles with your windows. It does not leave any streaks or spots and removes all the dirt. Removing odours from the fridge is also a tough job. An easy solution for such problem is a small bowls of baking soda. It will absorb all the bad smells.

Better leave the cleaners full of chemicals to professional cleaners Barnes. They know how to deal with such and have the proper equipment that will protect their, yours and your family’s health from chemical affection. As a matter of fact, nowadays more and more professional cleaners replace the supplies they use to clean with eco-friendly products. So, if they can use such, then why shouldn’t you?

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