How to Clean Your Hockey Helmet

Do you play hockey? If you have been practising for a while, but still consider yourself new in this spots area then you probably do not know how to keep your hockey equipment clean?! Hockey is an intensive sport that makes the players sweat. After the game all players should clean and wash their hockey uniforms and helmets to preserve good personal hygiene. Hockey helmets require deep maintenance and in this article I will tell you everything you need to achieve the best possible results.

If you do not maintain your hockey helmet regularly you risk to harm your health. Because of the sweat that dries inside the helmet different kinds of bacteria could develop inside the helmet and that can affect your health. This is also the main reason why London cleaning professionals advise people practising such types of sport to clean their helmets every time after a game. So here are some easy and effective cleaning tips to use:

1. Fill a bowl or the kitchen sink with warm water. Add a few drops of some mild dish-washing liquid. Dip a clean cloth or a sponge in the soapy solution. Squeeze the sponge to remove any excess water. The sponge should be damp, not wet!

2. Using the damp sponge scrub the inside of your hockey helmet. Make sure that you remove any grime and dirt from the inside. You should wipe clean the plastic straps as well.

3. To dry the helmet use an absorbent bath towel. You need to remove as much water as you can. Otherwise mould or mildew could appear inside the helmet.

4. Remove scuff marks from the outside of the helmet with an eraser also known as a micro-porous cleaning block. You can find it in any sports store or search for it in the place you’ve bought your helmet.

5. To finish the procedure London cleaners advise to place your hockey helmet on a dry towel in some well-ventilated area to air-dry.

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