How to Clean Your Corset

Corsets are really stylish. It is one of these items that every lady have at her wardrobe. However, despite the positive emotions such items can brings, corsets, as with all women underwear, are made of really delicate materials. Silk, lace, cotton, satin-they all require specific, really gently treatment. Still, they have to be deep cleaned as they tend to absorb the skin’s oils and lotions that are applied to the body.

Being aware of the fact how tricky may be such procedure, cleaners Kennington provide the following tips on how to properly clean your corset:

As a beginning you have to prepare a few items you will use to fulfill an efficient cleaning. In this particular case you will need two clean medium-sized towel, clean sink and non-biological hand washing detergent. After storing all of them you may start the actual treatment.

Fill two-thirds of your sink with lukewarm water. Take your detergent and read on the tag’s instructions. Add the exact amount pointed on them. Then stir well to completely dissolve.

Dip the corset to the soapy solution. Resist the urge to scrunch the corset in the water to work the detergent into the material. Swish the item around in the soapy water for about two minutes.

Then drain the sink and swill any soap remnants out of the basin. Run steady stream of warm water from the tap to rinse the corset.

Take a clean, dry towel and lay the corset on it. Carefully roll the item in the towel, squeezing it very gently. After that unroll the towel.

Take another towel and place it on a warm, non-sunny place and place the corset on top of the towel to naturally dry.

Cleaners Kennington wish you great final results!

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