How to Clean Your Coffee Pot

Who does not love coffee! Coffee is the favourite morning drink to millions of people from all over the world. Some countries even consider the coffee as a national beverage. However to be able to enjoy a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee early in the morning you should know how to clean your coffee pot in the most effective way first.

If you have no idea what is required to maintain your brand new coffee pot check the manufacturer’s instructions first. Even London cleaning professionals often warn their clients to read the instructions first before cleaning any type of appliances. However if you have already done this and you still want to learn some other ways how to maintain your new coffee pot then in the lines below you can read some suggestions that you can also use for the purpose.

1. The first thing to do is to fill the coffee container with 5-6 cups of white vinegar. Then turn on the machine as usual without adding any coffee grounds in it. The appliance will heat the white vinegar and water. This cleaning method works for a 12 cup coffee machine. If your coffee pot is different just use equal amounts of vinegar and water to clean the appliance.

2. When the pot is full you should pour out the hot water and vinegar and repeat the process. Empty the container and scrub the inside and outside of the pot in a solution of hot water and some dish-washing liquid.

3. Then London cleaners recommend to add plain water in the container and run the appliance. The water will rinse off the vinegar. It would be good to repeat the last one a few times to be completely sure that there is no vinegar left in the pot. Then you can enjoy each sip of your super delicious coffee!

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