How to Clean Your Children’s Toys

Do you have children?! If the answer is yes, then probably you are a very patient person. Moreover, if you have little children then you probably consider yourself a super parent. If this is not actually true, please do not underestimate yourself. Having little kids at home can be very difficult sometimes. You have to be always aware of the fact what they do, what they eat, why they sneeze, etc. Come on … once in a while it comes the time when all of these duties just take all of your powers away and you cannot deny that.

If I ask some young mother what is the first association that comes on her mind when somebody says the phrase “baby care”, I am almost a hundred percent sure that she will answer: cleaning. Well, this is actually true. When you have children, you always think about cleaning. For instance, you clean your carpet more regularly, because you are afraid of the bacteria, germs, dirt and dust that usually live in the fabric. Another, important cleaning task that lots of mothers do is the cleaning of their children’s toys and here are some tips, given by London cleaning professionals that will help you with this job.

1. To clean soft toys, you should check the labels first. If they are washable, the only thing you need to do is to put them in the washing machine. If the toys are made of some delicate fabric, you can put them in the pillowcase first and then, in the machine. To clean non-washable soft clothes, use a sponge and some special washing detergent. Also, you can put all non-washable toys in a bag with baking soda. Then, shake the bag and take the toys out. Shake them off the baking soda.

2. Wash plastic toys in a bucket, full of a solution of water, some washing detergent and a little disinfectant. Do not forget to remove the batteries first!

3. To clean metal toys, cleaners in London recommend to use a damp cloth. After the cleaning, you should dry the toys immediately. This way, you will avoid rust to appear on them.

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