How to Clean Your Canvas Shoes

“Let me take a look at the shoes you are wearing and I’ll tell you what type of person you are.” Being aware of the great impact the shoes appearance have on the people’s judgment, the majority spend millions of pound just to get the right pair. If you are a fan of the casual wear and the romantic , but comfortable look , you will certainly have one of those great looking canvas pairs at home. Unfortunately, in most of the cases they are really expensive and require regular care to save their bright appearance, because they get dirty really fast. Happily, there are certain techniques you can use that will be enough to restore your canvas shoes bright look.

Learn how to clean your canvas from the following directions provided by cleaners in Whitecahpel professionals :

A preparatory step which should be fulfilled no matter the type of the cleaning you are about to realize is to prepare the necessary cleaning material. In this case you will only need a soft toothbrush, dish-washing soap, water and one clean cloth.

The first thing you should be ware of is that you have to wait for any mud or similar stains on your shoes to dry before taking some cleaning actions. Bang the soles together to get rid of most of the accumulated grit.

Work with a dry toothbrush to on the canvas surface in order to remove as much dirt as possible. Then dip the toothbrush in cup of water that has about as much dish-washing soap as you’d wash your hands with mixed in.

Rub the visible stains with the moistened toothbrush. After that scrub that same, already treated spot with a dry cloth. In case the stain don’t want to come off, repeat this process until it vanishes.

Take the laces out and put them in the washing machine along with your regular laundry.

Once the washing cycle is complete hand the laces outdoors to air dry. Put crumpled paper in the shoes after you finish cleaning them. That will help them retain their original shape as they dry along with the laces.

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