How to Clean Wooden Stairs

It will be great to just take advantage of the items when you need them and after that just put everything back to its place. Unfortunately, the rules in the real world area little bit different. Even if it seem really tempting to replace everything when it starts to fade , you probably won’t have the chance to afford it. Want or not you have to take care of each of your items in a daily basis in order to make them last longer and save at least small amount of your income.

That also applies for your wooden stairs. It is essential to treat them with the appropriate cleaning elements. In short you will need a cleaner that leaves behind no residue once the stairs have dried, and you also want to use something that will cause no harm to the wooden surface of the stairs. Unfortunately, most of the commercial cleaners are overpriced and ineffective. Happily, there is always another alternative. In this case you will work with a homemade cleaner that will restore the wooden stairs shiny look without leaving behind any film.

Learn how to clean your wooden stairs with minimum efforts from the following cleaners Edmonton tips:

The tools you have to prepare in order to fulfill an effective procedure are broom, dustpan, clean bucket, bottle of white vinegar and a clean mop.
The basic thing you have to do is to gain the habit to sweep your wooden stairs every few days to get rid of light dust buildup that accumulates every minute. Begin from the top of your stairs, and work downward, collecting all of the debris down to the bottom of the stairway. Remove all the dirt with a dustpan and discard.

Combine one gallon warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar in a cleaning bucket.

Immerse your mop into the bucket, absorb the cleaner and wring out the mop in order to remove the excess moisture.

Then sweep the wooden stairs, again starting at the top of the stairs and working downward to the bottom of the stairs.

After that just let your stairs to naturally dry.

Cleaners Edmonton wish you great cleaning results!

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