How to Clean Without Bleach

Most housewives know how good cleaning product bleach is. They probably also know that bleach is dangerous for their health and for the health of their families. Nevertheless, they use it. But can the use of bleach be avoided? Is there another as good cleaner to replace it?

Of course, that there is a product that can replace bleach. Moreover, it is absolutely harmless for you and the environment you live in. In times when we hear people talking about ecology and reducing pollution everywhere around us, we must try to become part of this cause. The easiest way to do it is to reduce the use of toxic detergents, and more specifically of bleach, at home.

Bleach is a product that refers to a range of chemicals that remove colour, disinfect, or whiten. The type of bleach we use the most at home for cleaning, removing mould, and disinfection is the chlorine-based one.

Whichever professional cleaner London you ask, he will tell you that whatever you can clean with bleach, you can clean with pure white vinegar. The acidic properties of the vinegar make it just as effective as the chlorine-based detergent. You can use it for cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom and toilet, for removing stains from clothes and upholstery furniture, and from ovens and stoves, too. It is also very effective for cleaning of all kinds of flat surfaces, such as glass, tile, wood and as a weapon against mould.

Of course, there are some cases in which you cannot use vinegar for cleaning. For example, if you have to clean marble floors or counter-tops, you must not use the sour liquid, as it will damage the surface of the stone.

And one more advice from cleaner London – bleach and vinegar both clean very well, but avoid using them at the same time. If you mix them, you won’t make a better cleaning solution, but a dangerous chemical weapon. When mixed these products start emitting poisonous Chlorine gas which was used in World War I.

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