How to Clean Winged Shoes

Having fancy and really rare type of shoes is really great. The people are starring at your feet everywhere you go, thus you are getting the whole attention. But one thing you have to think through well and that is how to keep them clean. Various cleaning services Melbourne has got, could help you with that perhaps, but before you take such a dramatic action, maybe you can clean them yourself.

Winged shoes has a little bit more details, or should I say parts, that needs cleaning and this makes the cleaning more trickier. First like you usually do when you clean any other type of shoes – remove the laces and any other detachable “widgets”. You will take care of them later. The winged shoes are usually made from canvas and rubber, so you could make paste of baking soda and warm water, there is no exact proportion but try to make the paste as thick, as possible. After that smear it all over the stained area and leave it like that for couple of minutes. During that time, you have to take care of the removed parts. Wash by hand the laces under running tap water using soap too. Do the same with the other parts and leave them to air dry. Take an old tooth brush or some brush with the similar size and rub the paste into the stains. That should be sufficient enough to make them disappear. If some of the stains prove to be more stubborn – repeat the action. Now the wings of the shoes must be cleaned more carefully with no harsh puling and twisting, use soapy warm water. Wipe them good from both sides.

After the shoes are ready and clean rinse them good, but try not to wet them from inside, leave them to air dry and once they are – put the laces and the other parts back. By cleaning them the above mentioned way, you will have them serve you for long time. Some things at our homes we must learn clean ourselves, while others is better to delegate to professionals. House cleaning Kew area has got, is a service that includes execution of everyday domestic tasks. In case you hate the chores – simply call them and ask them for assistance.

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