How to Clean Wax Stains From Carpet and Furnishing

A romantic dinner on the floor the Japanese way with some Sushi and Sake is really relaxing after a busy week with your beloved one. Often some candles are being lighted to make the atmosphere more cozy and romantic. No one knows where the evening will go, and most times the candles are let to light and some wax spills can damage you carpet and furnishing. Here in this article I will reveal you some authentic tips on carpet and furnish cleaning from wax stains. Many London cleaning services can offer you reliable carpet cleaning.

The wax stains are really easy to get clean. You will need an iron, a brown paper bag, some grain alcohol and white clean rug, spray bottle with soap mix and soft sponge. And some patience of course. Let’s get started. Clean the wax softly with a butter knife, try to remove as much as you can from the wax formed stain. Then, after you remove what you can it is time to warm up the spot. Most of the candles on the market are made from wax and under some temperature melts and that is how we are going to remove some of it. Now, put the brown paper bag on top of the stain put your iron on the lowest heat option and start ironing carefully and slowly. The wax beneath will start melting and will be absorbed from the brown paper bag. If there is need change the bag with as new one and continue he procedure. You can just heat the wax on any cabinet or table and removed it really easy. With soft wool rack you can clean it and that will give nice thin layer of protection for your furnishing.

It is possible some of the wax remains on the carpet and you do carpet cleaning. Blot the area after you do the procedure with the iron with some grain alcohol, scrub it the sponge, and then absorb it with the white cotton rag. The rag should be white because of the alcohol some paint can go on the carpet. Spray with some soap mix from your spray bottle and scrub again to clean it perfectly.

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