How to Clean Vintage Camera

There is one huge advantage of the present-day society- it is develop in a way that provides all possible materials and ideas for the development of the people’s interests. There are all kind of hobbies you can choose from- to paint, to dance, build your body until you reach the perfect shape, swim, run, even being nerd or just lazy. However, the recent statistic show that the majority of the people have one basic need- to captcha the significant things for them , to show the surroundings trough their specific individual perceptions. This is the reason why the photography has become so current. There are two main option most of the photographer choose from- to take advantage of the latest technology and use a digital camera, or you can actually teach yourself to a take photos in the old-fashion way- with a vintage camera. In case you choose the second option , there is on essential thing you should learn- how to take a proper care of such item. That is really specific process. Fulfilled in the wrong manner it can cause serious damages on your camera.

Being ware of that cleaners sw6 provide the following tips on how to properly clean your vintage camera :

Take a lens cleaning brush or blower brush and remove as much of dust or other particles on your old camera as possible. Be extremely gentle while working around the lens because it is really vulnerable and can damage easily.

Pour four drops of lens cleaner to a clean lens cleaning cloth. Such clothes are familiar as a microfiber clothes. Be careful not to saturate the it. You need it to be only damp, not moistened or soaked.

Begin with your vintage camera lens. Work from the center of the lens towards the edges. Work in a circular motion, until you reach them.

Remove all stuck-on debris or dust helping yourself with the dampened cloth. If you have to handle too stubborn stains just add a few more drops of the cleaner and apply additional pressure. However,do not rub too hard as you are likely to cause additional damages.

As a final effort just dry off the lens and other areas of the old camera with a dry side of the lens cleaning cloth.

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