How to Clean Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Veneer kitchen cabinets are significantly less expensive than those made of solid wood, making them a reasonable choice for households with restricted budget. When it comes to cabinets, veneer usually is a thin wood or laminate covering over plywood, particleboard or a less expensive wood. Because of the nature of work done in a kitchen, the cabinets there quickly might get covered with dirt, dust and other spots of grime. To keep the good look of your kitchen, the veneer cabinets need to be cleaned regularly, and here are few tips that can ease that job.

  1. Wipe your kitchen cabinets daily, if possible, to avoid accumulating of dust and grime on the cabinet’s surface. For laminate veneer, use the so-called soapy water(a mixture of mild dish soap and water) to wipe the surface down. Clean your kitchen countertops with the same mixture.
  2. Another way to clean your laminate veneer cabinets is by wiping them down with a window or all-purpose cleaner using a clean rag.
  3. Make your own cleaner for laminate veneer kitchen cabinets by mixing baking soda and water into a pasty consistency. Apply the mixture on stained surfaces and rub the dirt and grime away using a sponge or rag. Rinse with a damp, clean cloth, as advised by cleaners Ruislip Common. As an alternative to the baking soda paste, you can use only white vinegar to remove grime from your veneer kitchen cabinets.
  4. For general cleaning of wood veneer cabinets, use only a damp cloth. Do not use dish soap or too wet rag, as this may damage the wood veneer.
  5. To remove stubborn grime from your wood kitchen cabinets, you can use Murphy’s Oil Soap. Apply a small amount of the spray to the wood veneer and rub the grime away using a soft cloth. There is no need to rinse the soap off the cabinets. According to cleaners Ruislip, it is a good idea to test an inconspicuous area of your kitchen cabinets to make sure that it won’t damage the veneer.

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