How to Clean Up Milk Stains

To avoid dealing with a milk stain on a carpet, clean up the milk spill before it actually becomes a stain. Get a few paper towels and quickly blot up the spilled milk before it seeps into the carpet fibers. Use white paper towels because coloured ones can dye the carpet. Rinse the area affected by milk with water, then absorb the liquid from the carpet by dabbing repeatedly at the area with paper towels. Repeat the process as many times as needed to remove the  milk stain completely. If this doesn’t help, consider following these tips.
If you have noticed the stain too late, and now you have a dried milk stain on your carpet, do not worry. Simply grab a metal spoon and scrape off as much of the dried milk as possible, then continue with the following procedure which is same for dried and fresh stains.
Make your own cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of dish-washing detergent with 2 cups of water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture, and spray the stain, so the area is wet but not soaked, as recommended by cleaners Battersea. Let the solution soak into the carpet for a minute, then draw it out by blotting at the area with white paper towels. Do this until the stain is no more visible.
If an unpleasant odour remains after the stain has been removed, you can either hire professionals, such as cleaners Barnet, to take care of the problem instead of you, or try eliminating the sour smell on your own by repeating the process above. A commercial carpet freshener can do the work as well. Purchase a powdered carpet freshener from any supermarket close to your home, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of the product to get rid of the smell in your carpet.
Examine the area for any remaining odour. If the problem is not solved, you might need professional help to get rid of it. If you do hire a cleaning company, make sure to show the cleaners exactly the area- source of odour, so they can pay extra attention to that area.

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