How to Clean Up London after Riots in the City

I am pretty sure that you have heard of the recent dramatic events, which happened in one of the biggest megalopolises in Europe. The continent is confused by the impulsive actions of the young London rioters, who have shown to the world that they are not afraid to fight the system and are ready to do whatever it takes to be heard by those who just do not want to listen.

The first two days of rioting were terrifying. However, the worst thing is that the chaos is spreading all over the country. Many angry young people do not want to stop looting stores, setting cars and buildings on fire, creating chaos all over London and in some other cities, too. Now, the situation is under control, thanks to the authorities, who try to bring the city back in order. Moreover, many people go out on the streets with brooms in heads with the idea to clean up the mess, caused by the “rebels”.

Unfortunately, in this situation it is not possible somebody to hire professional cleaning services to do the job and because of this London citizens make unions between each other and take the cleaning process of the city into their own hands. Actually, there is some irony in this picture. The London rioters, who created the chaos cannot realize that with their actions they make their families and friends to clean up the mess after them.

The good thing here is that beyond the panic many people mobilise themselves and start organising different social groups on the web in order to help their citizens with the cleaning process. An interesting fact is that many professional cleaning services London also take the initiative personally and gather volunteers, who want to make a contribution to this cause. After all, out of something bad always comes something good …

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