How to Clean Up Broken Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs may be energy-efficient and green but they are not as safe for the environment as you might be left to believe. Although the fluorescent bulbs are made from glass just like the ordinary bulbs, they are different than the conventional bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs contain small quantities of the toxic substance mercury which are hazardous to human if the mercury enters the body. That is why knowing how to clean up a broken fluorescent bulb is of utmost importance.

If by any unfortunate event any of the fluorescent bulbs in your house gets broken here is what cleaners Charlton advise you to do. First and foremost tell everybody who is currently in to room to leave it. That goes for any pets or other domestic animals like birds as well, take them out of the room. Once you have done that open the windows in the room and let it ventilate for at least 10-15 minutes.

After you done that put on a pair of rubber gloves and start picking up all the pieces of the broken glass that have fell on the floor. Put the broken glass into a plastic bag and seal the opening, you can use a jar with a screw on lid for the job as well. When you have done that take some sticky tape and gently press it against sufrace where the broken particles have fallen down thus the tiny bits of the glass will get stuck on the tape. Eventually throw the tape in the bag or the jar with the rest of the glass particles.

Wash all the beddings and clothings that came in direct contact with the broken glass parts or with the white powder that fluorescent bulbs contain. Cleaners Clapton advise you to vacuum the surface on which the bulb has broken and then throw the vacuum cleaner’s bag along with the plastic bag or jar in which you have put the broken glass.

Contrary to ordinary bulbs the fluorescent bulbs are created to be energy-efficient with the sole purpose to be more environmently-friendly. However, these type of bulbs contain very dangerous substance in them which makes hazardous to people and the environment if they break by any chance. That is why people who have installed such bulbs in their homes should learn how to clean them up if fluorescent bulbs get broken.

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