How to Clean Suede Upholstery

Suede is a true treasure to have it decorating your home. There are gorgeous jackets, pants, skirts and blouses made from this material, but you could also enjoy suede curtains, sofas, chairs and so on. The key thing is to know how to maintain the suede material in good shape for it is quite a demanding fabric. It is better to have your particular pieces of furniture upholstered in suede professionally cleaned but since certain incidents require immediate reaction you’d better know a few things as it comes to suede cleaning. Most of the cleaning companies provide the service suede dry cleaning so you can freely choose among the numerous offers that are provided by the local companies operating in your local area.

If you are to deal with dry stains, use a soft towel and carefully rub the surface of the suede in order to restore its soft and fuzzy appearance. For the soiled area you can rub gently the spot with a pencil rubber. That should be enough to make the marks and dry stains fade away.

If the stain is still wet, use a towel to absorb the excess liquid. It’s highly recommendable to avoid using the common stain removal products and use special suede brushes instead.

You may find interesting that you can clean suede shoes with white vinegar (that is amazing product that has so many applications besides cooking.  Soak a cloth in vinegar and rub gently the surface of the shoes. Let them dry in open air.
When you perform the suede cleaning by yourself the results may not always be what you have initially expected so in the end you may end up hiring a professional cleaning company after all. However never postpone cleaning a stain for the longer it stays untreated on the suede the harder is becomes to get it removed even to the professionals.

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