How to Clean Stuffed Toys with Baking Soda

Stuffed toys are a favourite present for both young and grown up people because they remind us for our childhood and the best days of our life. However as any other item around your home stuffed toys get dirty, too. Therefore you should learn how to keep these sentimental objects clean and good looking.

Usually stuffed toys cannot be washed in a washing machine. And this is the main reason why London cleaners are often asked by confused parents how to keep the stuffed toys of their children clean. Moreover, this sort of toys is a pleasant environment from different kinds of bacteria and germs which makes the situation even more complicated. Fortunately, in the lines below you will be able to find a few effective ways to clean your stuffed toys. So, keep reading.

1. Gather all soiled and dirty stuffed toys and place them in a large plastic zip bag. Make sure that the bag is ¾ full of toys. You have to leave space for the toys to move around the plastic bag.

2. Then you have to pour about ½ cup baking soda into the plastic bag. Make sure that you cover most of the toys with baking soda. Do not pour it only onto one or two of the stuffed toys. Then zip the bag and make sure that it is closed completely.

3. Take the bag in your hands and shake it vigorously to mix the baking soda and toys. This way you will be able to remove odours, kill germs and dirt from the stuffed toys. Lay a towel on the floor when the time to remove the toys from the bag comes. Take the stuffed toys out of the bag one by one shaking them to remove as much baking soda from them as possible.

4. Last but not least, London cleaning professionals recommend using the hose of your vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining baking soda from the stuffed toys.

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