How to Clean Smelly Trainers

It is winter season and we all have to do our best to stay fit and therefore to feel more comfortable and to be healthy. However, during the cold winter this is not that easy, because we reduce our physical exercises to minimum, so staying in good shape can be pretty tricky. We will need an extra push for doing this and for this extra try we need to go to the gym or to go outside for a bit of a jogging.

Here are some tips on cleaning our sporting shoes after a nice jogging in the park.

Smelly sneakers in the house are not the best possible thing that each housewife is dreaming for and more it is not the best thing that can welcome our guests. So, in order to keep the shoes in good condition and ready for the next sporting day or for the gym, we will have to clean them exactly after the exercise.

Starting with the preparing of the needed cleaning solution is a good first step. For the purpose you will need a neutral cleaner such as dish-washing detergent and water. Mix these two in ratio 1 spoon to a cup of water.

Remove the laces and the inserts from the shoes and rinse them well with plain water. This way you will make the cleaning easier because the dirt will loose.

Take a soft brush and scrub the trainers well from inside and out. Some areas need more attention than others though, so focus your mind on the heel. This is the place which takes most of the pressure while you run and this is where most of the dirt builds up.

The next thing is the removing of the scuff marks.

Rinse with water again and let the shoes dry on fresh air. Do not dry them using heaters, because this may damage them.

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