How to Clean Shower Doors

Shower doors help keeping the moisture in your shower and off your bathroom floor. Occasionally, cleaning is required to preserve the shower doors looking at their best. Any build-up of calcium, lime and mould will mar the look of your shower doors, making you feel less comfortable when taking a shower. Here are a few tips that you can use to maintain your shower doors properly.

Hard water deposits are common onĀ  shower doors, and you should take care of them first. Hard water is water with high content of minerals like calcium and lime. These minerals tend to build-up on shower doors over time, forming especially hard-to-remove deposits. According to cleaners Regents Park, the best way to remove hard water deposits is by using a cleaners known as CLR. Simply pour some CLR in a spray bottle, and apply a generous coat of it on both sides of the shower doors. Let the solution undisturbed on the doors for several minutes to loosen the hard water deposits, then scrub with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with water, and these deposits should be gone.

If you notice any mould on your shower doors, act immediately to prevent it from spreading. A simple solution for removing mouldĀ  from hard surfaces is diluted bleach. Mix 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water, then put some of the solution in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the mouldy area. Let the mixture sit for a few moments, then use a damp sponge to scrub the mould away. Note: Always wear rubber gloves when using bleach, also do not use bleach on a surface that has been treated with other cleaner within 24 hours, as recommended by cleaners Regents Park.

Soap scum is another thing you may have problems with when it comes to cleaning shower doors. If left neglected for weeks, the soap scum can cement itself on the surface, becoming especially hard to remove. One of the best solutions for getting rid of soap scum is a thick paste made of baking soda and water. Use a thick sponge to scrub the areas of your shower doors affected by soap scum with the baking powder paste. Another effective cleaning solution for soap scum is the lemon oil wood cleaner. Surprisingly or not, a few spritzes of the oil and some vigorous scrubbing can help you to get rid of soap scum once and for all.

If you are a busy person, a convenient way to ensure the cleanliness of your bathroom or of your entire home if you wish is to hire professionals. Experts, such as cleaners Regents Park, will make sure that all the surfaces in your bathroom are thoroughly cleaned, including the shower doors.

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