How to Clean Plushies Properly

Plushies lead a hard life with kids, because children have the habit to leave them on the floor, in the car, outside and other places where they can collect grime easily. Fortunately, plushies are easy to maintain and can be kept lint-free by cleaning them periodically to remove any unwanted dirt. The steps below will help you to clean your plushies properly, so they remain intact and in work condition for many years ahead.

  1. Get the following items: hairbrush, vacuum cleaner, lint brush roll, pillowcase, cloth and warm, soapy water.
  2. Vacuum the plushie to remove loose grime such as dust and hairs with minimal efforts. You can use a brush attachment or simply the hose of the vacuum cleaner to work over the plushie and suck up as much lint as possible.
  3. Use a bristle brush to brush the plushie, working in the opposite direction of the fur, as recommended by cleaner Clapham, in order to raise the fur and loosen any grime remains. Once the fur is slightly raised, vacuum the plushie again to remove any lint that was missed after the first vacuuming.
  4. Use a lint brush roll to remove the left lint from the plushie. Lint brush is highly efficient on plushies with short fur. However, it also works fine on long fur plushies, but you will need some time to release all the lint.
  5. Put the plushie into a pillowcase and tie the opened end of the pillowcase. Launder the plushie on regular cycle. The laundering will remove any grime that has settled into the plushie. If the stuffed toy contains a music box, and the music box cannot be removed, skip this step.
  6. For stuffed toys with music boxes inside them, cleaner Clapham suggests to use a cloth and warm soapy water to clean just the plushies’ exterior.
  7. Allow the plushie to dry completely, and vacuum it again to ensure all grime is removed form the plushie’s fur.

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