How to Clean Outside Furniture

It is summer, the best place to spend your free time is the background yard, under the big old tree, where you used to play when you were a small child. This is the most comfortable and relaxing area, where you can enjoy your leisure time, especially when the weather is nice. However, heat and humidity can really ruin your plans. When combined they can produce mildew on your favourite outside furniture.

When enjoying the nature you should try to keep it safe and clean. So when trying to remove the mildew from the furniture do not use any commercial chemical-based cleaning products, from the store. They contain toxins that pollute the air and also are harmful for you and your family. Use house-hold ingredients instead, they are an effective alternative to all expensive products. This way you will both save money and time. Here are some instructions, suggested by tenancy cleaning companies, about how to clean your furniture in eco-friendly way.

  • Combine a half cup of white vinegar, four teaspoons of ammonia, a quarter cup of backing soda and two cups of water, pour the mixture in a clean bucket. Use a clean soft cloth to apply the solution onto the wicker or wood furniture, wherever you notice mildew stains. Rub them gently.
  • Continue scrubbing and dipping the cloth into the bucket to rinse off the collected mildew. Scrub thoroughly, make sure not to leave some mildew spores that are not visible on the surface. If there are difficult-to-reach areas you can directly pour the mixture from the bucket onto the stain.
  • Then it is time to rinse your wicker or wooden garden furniture, use the garden hose. Rinse carefully and thoroughly to remove the ammonia-based solution and any traces of mildew.
  • Blot and wipe with a clean soft cloth or paper towel. After that you should to place the furniture in the sunlight to faster the drying process, this way you will also kill off any remaining mildew spores. This is also needed to prevent new mildew stains to appear.

For more advice and recipes you can call end of tenancy cleaning services and ask for help.

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