How To Clean Old Gramophone Records

The gramophone is a great music invention. It is the first device provided on them mass market that had provided to the people opportunity to enjoy the music at their home at any time. After the gramophone appearance the innovators payed attention to the idea. As the results many other devices took place in the audio machine history. Still, the classic of all classics is the gramophone and the gramophone records as a music source.

Nowadays, the old records are considered to be extremely valuable. Many people spend literally thousands of pounds just to get a original old record. However, with the purchase of such record come other responsibilities such as its maintenance, because with the time, old records get dirty, from needle fiber dust and from not being played enough often. Fortunately, to clean an old records is not a hard thing to be done. Of course, you should be aware exactly what to to in order to not damage the delicate old record.

Having in mind how serious damages an inappropriate treatment may cause cleaners Harvey Gardens provide the following tips on how to fulfill that chore:

Combine three parts vinegar with one part of Three-in-One Oil. Pour the mixture in a bottle and shake thoroughly in order to dissolve the ingredients well.

Apply a little bit of the vinegar and oil cleaner onto the soft cloth and wipe the record with it. Cleaners Hatch End remind you that you should not saturate the cloth with the solution; work with just enough amount to moisten a corner of the cloth. Let the record to stand with the solution for about 20 minutes.

Then take the record and play it on the gramophone three times. Be careful how you put the needle on- it have to be well-pointed.

As a final effort wash the disc in lukewarm water to remove any oily residue. Take a soft brush, such as a shaving brush and soap and brush the disc thoroughly. After that swill two to three times with a clean water and gently dry, using a clean silk or cotton fabric.

Good Luck!

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