How to Clean High-Traffic Stains from a Thin Carpet

If your carpet is old, it is quite possible its high-traffic areas to be considerably stained, especially near doorways or around tables. If the carpet is also a thin one, using abrasive carpet cleaners is not appropriate to remove the stains, because these products will damage your carpet when cleaning it. The described solution is suggested by carpet cleaning Clapham team, and includes inexpensive products that will not harm your carpet fibers.

  1. Use paper towels to remove as much of the staining material as you can.
  2. Damp a clean cloth with plain water and gently blot the stained carpet fibers, instead of rubbing, which will only set the stain. You might be able to remove the stain just by water if you get to it quickly.
  3. If the stain is not removed, use a clean cloth to blot the affected area with a solution of 1 cup of water and 2 drops of mild liquid dish-washing detergent. When one part of the cloth gets soiled, switch to a clean part of the cloth. Do not press too much the rag, as this can make a hole in your thin carpet. Blot until the stain disappears and skip to step 5.
  4. If the stain is still on the carpet, use a commercial stain remover, or hire carpet cleaning Clapham squad to remove the staining material. When using commercial cleaners, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damaging the carpet fibers. This will normally require you to blot the carpet with a clean cloth until the stain is gone.
  5. Remove as much of the stain remover and/or detergent solution by pressing a clean, dry rag over the area. Pour water onto the carpet, and blot it up using paper towels. Repeat this process until all of the solution residue has been rinsed out.
  6. Wait for the area to dry completely before letting someone walking on it.

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