How to Clean Heavily Soiled Carpets

A carpet steamer is the best tool to use when cleaning heavily soiled carpets. This machine uses hot water and a specialized carpet cleaner to get all stains and dirt out of a carpet. For carpets with normal walk traffic, yearly steam cleaning is enough to keep them clean. However, if the carpets are installed on highly traffic areas, more often deep cleaning would be required to prevent them from becoming heavily soiled. The steam cleaning can be entrusted to professional cleaning company, such as cleaner Clapham, or can be done by you.
To deep clean your carpet, you will need a vacuum cleaner, a carpet steam cleaner, spot cleaner, and a carpet cleaning solution.
1. Decide how often you intend to deep clean your carpet in order to determine whether to rent or buy a carpet steamer. It is relatively inexpensive to rent a steamer. But if your carpet gets soiled quickly, it is more cost effective to buy a steam cleaner than renting one. You can find a steam cleaning machine in most supermarkets and local groceries.
2. You can ease the cleaning a lot by removing as much of the furniture from the room as possible in advance.
3. Vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt, and pre-treat any visible stains with a carpet stain remover. This will raise the efficiency of the deep cleaning.
4. Use the steam cleaner as the manufacturer instructs. There are cleaning products specified for heavily soiled carpet, but you can use a higher concentration of your cleaning solution as alternative to those cleaners, according to carpet cleaning Clapham team.
5. Pay special attention to heavily soiled areas of the carpet when steam cleaning. Be careful not to go over the same area too many times, as this can soak it, making it susceptible to mould growth.
6. Leave the carpet to air dry, and inspect it for any dirt left. If there is still dirt on the carpet, steam clean it again after it is completely dry.

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