How to Clean Hair Combs and Brushes

Usually hair brushes and combs come in different shapes, sizes and designs. However, it does not matter what type of hair brush or a comb you use, because you need to maintain these tools clean, especially if you want to prolong their life. Moreover, keeping your hair brush or comb in a good condition will help your hair to look better. And this is the main reason why you use such tools at first place.

Cleaning a hair brush or a comb is probably the easiest thing to do. However, not many people actually think about their hair brushes and combs as something that need good maintenance and this is not right. Therefore, if you are curious to learn how to preserve the good look and condition of your combs and hair brushes, London cleaning professionals will be happy to give you a few tips to use for the purpose.

1. The most important thing that you do not have to forget is to remove all hair and other visible dirt from the brush after every use. To do this, you can use a large-tooth comb.

2. Then fill a plastic bowl or any other such vessel with a solution of hot water and some dish-washing liquid.

3. Gather all your hair brushes and combs and place them in the soapy solution. Let them soak for about 20 minutes. If you use a professional hair brush that comes with manufacturer’s directions, just follow the instructions to clean the tool.

4. Do not forget to rinse the combs and brushes with cool water to remove any remaining soapy solution as well as all the dirt loosened during the soaking.

5. To finish the cleaning, lay the combs and hair brushes on a clean towel and allow them air dry. London cleaners say that some brushes need a whole day to dry. So, do not hurry to use them before they are completely dried.

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