How to Clean Grass Stains from Clothes

When you have grass stains on your clothes, you should know these are one of the hardest types of stains to remove. No matter what cleaning product you’re going to use to fight this stain, it’s necessary to test it on a hidden area of the item, so you can be sure in its proper working. Read the article below to consider what is useful to do in this situation.

When you have already tested the cleaning product, read carefully the label of the fabrics and follow the instructions below given from cleaners Upton Park.

  • When it comes to washable fabrics of clothing, you should first use a dipped in water sponge to scrub them from the stain. After this, use rubbing alcohol to pour the stain and let it sit this way until it is fully dried. However, you should keep in mind that alcohol use is not appropriate for silk or wool materials. In this case, first dilute it with water and then use it as prescribed.
  • After cleaning the stained area on the garment with cool water, use a liquid detergent to clean it and then rinse with water again. Let it sit until it is completely dried.
  • If there are any remaining stains, prepare the following mixture that consists of: 1 quarter warm water, 1 tablespoon of stain removal and apply it on the stain. Leave it for about an hour and then launder it in hot water and fabrics-safe bleach.
  • At the end, cleaners Upton Park advise you to apply hydrogen peroxide which can help you to remove remaining stains on the clothing.
  • The next case is when it comes to unwashable fabrics that are only dry cleanable. This time it’s best to leave it in professional hands, for example, to dry cleaners, but this should happen as quickly as possible, because the stain may settle into the fabrics and then the clothing will become unusable. In home conditions you may try to remove it with water and white vinegar rubbing it with a sponge, however, take this at your own risk.

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