How to Clean Fruit Juice Stains From the Carpeting

If you have kids in the house, juice stains are a common and, dare I say, inevitable problem! If you are familiar with cleaning the different types of stains, you should know how to revive your beautiful carpet. If you know the right cleaning solutions, you will return it to its shiny condition without many efforts. But if the stain is very old, this could be quite the serious problem!

Juice can cause horrible stains, although it is really beneficial for your health. The cleaning within London professionals will give you some tips, which should help you remove fruit juice stains very easily. In principle, juice stains are easy to remove, unless if you have spotted it much later. So if you spill your grape or grapefruit juice, don’t panic – just follow the steps and don’t cry emergency yet!

1. Use a white cloth to clean up the juice. Don’t scrub, because you will make it worse for sure!

2. Spray lukewarm water on the stain and at the same time dab with a wet sponge. Blot it up using paper towels. Repeat if it’s necessary.1. Use a white cloth to clean up the juice. Don’t scrub, because you will make it worse for sure!

3. Now, you should make the cleaning solution. Add ¼ tablespoon of detergent in a cup of warm water. Mix it very well and then apply the solution with a clean cloth to the stain. Press the cloth gently on the stain. Finally, you should rinse with clean water and dry the carpet with a clean dry towel.

These tips will help you only if you act really quickly. Otherwise, the best decision is to call a cleaning within London company to help you with the stain. If you have the opportunity, you should use this situation and perform some basic cleaning of all carpets. It is recommended to do that (at least) 2 to 3 times per year. That way you extend the life of your carpets and save a lot of money. And don’t forget – start your day with a glass of juice and it will be full of energy!

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