How to Clean Floors with Natural Products

The cleaning of floors is less demanding than you think. The long history of food traffic and dust may look gross, but it is the most normal thing – just consider how much dirt goes down in every moment. In fact, even if you clean just partially – windows and walls for example, you will have to clean the floor, too. It is very important to use natural cleaners, because the contemporary cleaning products contain too much chemicals and letting these toxins evaporate and pollute the air in home is a folly. You will need to know how to clean floors with natural products.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are necessary not only for more comfort, they also keep warm. The best thing about these covering s is that you can always go outside and beat them if they are removable. The process I simple – you wipe the dust and hair with a brush or a broom. If the carpet is attached, you will have to learn how to clean floors with natural products.

Club Soda

If you have club soda at your disposal, its is time to use some. Don’t mourn the loss of club soda – it is one of the products which are not exactly good for you. The carbonation will suck up the spills on the carpet and the salts will prevent the staining. You can also sprinkle some salt on the place – just like the salts in club soda, the common one will prevent the bad stains.

For Stubborn Stains and Large Spills

For tough cases, you can make a cleaning recipe; ¼ cup liquid soap and 1/3 cup of water. Mixing these two will form foam. After you use it, rinse with vinegar. The vinegar smell will disappear quickly under the sunlight, so don’t worry about it.


Use baking soda or cornstarch – pour a cup for a normal carpet, wait for 30 minutes and vacuum it.

Hardwood Floors

Vacuum cleaning is mandatory here, but some stains need to be mopped carefully. Use a solution of a quarter cup white vinegar and warm water (2 cups). Dampen a rag or towel and mop the floor.


Nothing special here, just use any combinations of salt, baking soda and white vinegar. Use vinegar carefully, because the grout may crack.

To make sure that green cleaning works, be prepared for any situation. If you are away or too busy, choose the experts of steam cleaning in Melbourne, so the floor and almost anything will be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.

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