How to Clean Fast When Moving Out

When moving out it is very important to clean thoroughly the house or apartment, especially if you want to get your full deposit back. However, no one wants to spend hours on cleaning and scrubbing. Here are some useful and and effective tips, that you can take advantage of, about how to clean fast and easy.

You can start the end of tenancy cleaning with the bathroom. Once you had empty the cabinets, go through them and wipe out any grime or dust. Wipe them inside and outside. The next step is to clean and scrub the sink and tabs. Do not forget to wipe the mirrors, use vinegar and old newspapers for better results.

The next thing in the list that you have to deal with is the windows cleaning. In case there are curtains, first you should dust each one or you can even remove them and put them in the washing machine. If you have metal blinds then rinse them with water and wipe until dry. Use a home-made mixture of water and white vinegar to clean the glass surfaces. Wipe with a newspaper for better results, this way you will also prevent smudging.

The last in the list are general rooms. Go through each room to make sure that all light bulbs are working, wipe and fix them, if needed. You should dust over heating grates, radiators, fans and air conditioners. Pay special attention to the corners of the rooms and clean any trace of dirt from the walls. Ensure there is nothing forgotten in the cupboards and wipe them too. To finish the end of tenancy cleaning, vacuum and mop the floor.

If all these tasks are too much for you, you can call professionals to help you with the cleaning. They know the best and most effective methods for home cleaning.

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