How to Clean Dirty Carpet

There are many pollutants that can contaminate carpets. Although, carpet cleaning may not be the most enjoyable thing that someone can do, it is important task to keep a home clean. Getting your carpets clean should not be a difficult task if you perform regular maintenance. Cleaning your carpet once or twice a week will prevent the staining from becoming a permanent part of the carpet, and also will save money from hiring professional services such as carpet cleaning Parsons Green to take care of some settled stains hard to be cleaned.
The things that you will need to clean your carpet properly are oxygen-based cleaner, carpet shampoo, squirt bottle, scrub brush and a vacuum cleaner. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pick up any large pieces of trash and dispose them. Do not forget to check for anything hidden beneath furniture. Remove some of the furniture from the room to ease the carpet cleaning if possible.
  2. Vacuum the carpet in both directions for best result. It is not necessary but it is good to empty the collection bin or change the vacuum bag with new one before vacuuming.
  3. Make sure to read the label directions of the oxygen-based cleaner before using it.
  4. Pour the cleaner into a spray bottle and apply it to any stains on the carpet. Rub the cleaner into the carpet using a scrub brush, and let it dry completely. Vacuum the carpet again to remove any dirt released by the oxygen-based cleaner.
  5. Begin shampooing the carpet from the back of the room towards the doorway using a carpet shampooer that you may rent from your local cleaning company.
  6. Wait the carpet to dry completely, and inspect it for any remain stains. If you are not pleased with the cleanliness of the carpet, repeat the procedure starting at step 2 or hire professionals such as Parsons Green cleaners to restore the magnificent look of your carpet.

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