How to Clean Crystal

Having crystal glassware is a sign of prestige and success. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to clean crystal objects properly and they usually end up either with something broken or with one dirty crystal set. Now, you have to know that there are professional services that could clean something instead of you, but I suggest trying the following method in order to clean your crystal. And you could always count on professional assistance for an end of lease cleaning Melbourne sure is the right place, where you can find all kind of cleaning services.

One of the first things, we have to say about crystal is that you always have to wash it by hand, never in the dishwasher. There are couple of reasons why, but the most important is that crystal is extremely delicate and could be easily scratched or broken. You will have to prepare the following things: mild dish detergent, vinegar, couple of soft towels, microfibre dish rag, a plastic container. You may also use the sink instead of container. All you got to do is to line up the walls and the bottom with soft towels, fill it with warm water, pour 2 cups of vinegar, add 1-2 tablespoons of dish detergent and stir well. After that take one piece and submerge it entirely. Leave it to soak in the solution for a minute and take it out. With the help of the microfibre cloth wash it as you would wash a regular piece of glass. After it’s done put it away to dry. You have to be very careful, as we already mentioned that crystal is really fragile. The whole process is kind of slow, due to one reason – you can’t just put all of the pieces in the sink and wash them together, crystal should be washed one piece at the time. After you are done with all the pieces, wipe them good with dry towel. Make sure you store them the right way. Provide enough space around them, so they won’t rub into the walls nearby or to each other.

As you can see, there is noting difficult in keeping you crystal clean, you just need to find more time once you decide doing it. House cleaning Hampton has got, could help you with a lot of the small chores, but it’s good if you for once clean your crystal.

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