How to clean concrete floors

Nowadays, concrete floors are making a great comeback in interior design. They are durable, economical and beautiful. Acid-stained concrete floors are resistant to dirt and abrasives which makes them a very popular choice for indoor flooring finish. Even though they are among the easiest to maintain floorings, they would still require regular care and cleaning.

To keep your concrete floor clean you won’t need to buy expensive commercial cleaning detergents or call Mayfair Cleaners. You could keep them in good shape by following some simple steps:

1.Concrete floors require regular sweeping especially when it comes to rooms which are used more often and tend to get dirtier (such as the kitchen floor). Use a broom or a dust mop to remove all visible dirt and debris to prevent dirt build up. Move all movable furniture parts and sweep underneath. If you let dirt accumulate on the floor, you will have some serious problems cleaning it.

2.If you get any stains or spills on the concrete floor, simply rub them with a soft brush and cold water. When the stain is gone, rinse the area with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth or a paper towel.

3.For tough stains you could use mild soapy water. It is better to choose a soap with neutral Ph level.

4.Concrete floors are waxed when installed, which keeps them from getting stained and worn out. Although cleaning concrete floors is simple and easy, once a year your floor will require special care. You need to re-wax it to keep it clean and beautiful longer.

Apply wax on the floor using a non-synthetic mop or a special wax applicator. Pour some wax on the floor and spread it evenly and thinly. Repeat the process until the entire floor is covered. Let it air dry for at least an hour before you could use the floor again.

As you see, keeping a concrete floor clean is not a tough job at all. If you clean it on a routine basis and no let dirt accumulate on it, your flooring will be looking clean and beautiful for many years. If you have carpets on the concrete floor, do not forget to clean it as well. Carpet cleaning Mayfair will provide you a perfectly cleaned carpet that can be proudly put onto the cleaned concrete floor.


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