How to Clean Chocolate Stains from Furniture

Holidays are the time when the consumption of chocolate increases a lot on a global level. Having in mind that it won’t be surprising to find a nasty chocolate spill on some of your comfortable furniture. After all, there is nothing that can compares with watching a good movie while having some delicious Nutella. Noticing a chocolate spill on your beautiful and soft sofa may be really frustrating. However, you should always keep in mind two basic life rules: 1st – there is solution to every problem and 2 things are made to be used, not to be obsessed with. In addition every damage on the furniture in your home is actually great , because this is your personal stamp on them.

Still, it will be good to find a way to remove this chocolate mess on your sofa or table.

Learn how to clean chocolate stains from your furniture from the following cleaning Wembley tips on the subject:

As a start you should know that you have to wait for the stain to dry or at least harden before taking any cleaning actions. Wait for the chocolate to harden. Then take a spoon or a dull knife and scape of as much of the spill as possible.

Next, apply household dish detergent on the affected areas. Leave the product to sit on for about 5 up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the stain.
Then blot the area with a clean washcloth.

Swill the treated spot out with hot water. Blot the area with hot water, and pat dry with a clean washcloth. In case the stain persists, apply hydrogen peroxide or ammonia on it to eliminate it. Of course, you should aways read the tag instructions on the product label in order make sure it won’t cause additional damage on your furniture surface.

If you notice any signs of discoloration of the furniture fabric on the tested area, try the ammonia approach. Dissolve 1 tbsp. of ammonia in 2 cups of warm water. Once again test your solution on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t cause additional damage. After that moisten the stained areas with the ammonia solution onto the stain. Moisten a clean cloth with water and blot to rinse the treated spot. Then blot the area dry with another cloth.

In case the stain is still there, better seek for professional cleaning help.

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