How to Clean Burnt Food from Pans and Pods

How many hours do you spend in your kitchen? Sometimes, cooking can be as unpleasant as cleaning, especially if you forget your meal and when taking it out of your oven it looks like something, which you cannot even describe with words. Well, such things happen, once in a while, and you cannot do anything else, but to accept them and try to avoid doing the same mistakes, the next time when you are in the kitchen.

Burnt pots and pants are one of the most unpleasant assignments, which householders have to deal with, at the end of their everyday cooking. However, there is hope, even in the worst scenario. So, if you are in situation like this, London cleaning professionals can help you. How? Read the following lines to see.

For the cleaning process of your burnt pots and pans you will need: warm water, some dish-washing solution, plastic or wooden spatula, baking soda, a scouring pad, a lemon and salt.

1. The first thing to do is to remove the pan from the stove. Because of the odours, which could appear, you have to remove the burnt food to some plastic bag and place it outside of the home. If you can save some part of your meal, you have to separate it from the burnt food and put it in some container to be eaten later. Then, when all of the food have been removed from the pan, you will be ready to start cleaning it. Do not ever pour cold water on a hot pot or pan. Because this can cause damages to your cookware.

2. The next step to follow is to take a plastic or wooden spatula and scrape the burnt particles from the pan. This will help you to handle the cleaning, more easily. If the situation is not so bad, you can just take a scouring pad with some dish-washing solution to clean the burnt surface. However, if the situation is more complex, continue reading.

3. Cleaners London advise you to try cleaning your burnt pans and pots with a solution made of boil water and baking soda. So, to clean the pan add 2 tablespoons of baking soda for every cup of water, you intend to use. Then, mix the solution and pour it in the pan. Then, place it on the stove and turn the heat on, letting the solution to boil at a medium-high temperature. When the solution starts boiling, reduce the heat and leave it to sit for about 15 minutes on the stove. When the water is cooled, you have to dispose it. Then, wash the pan with some dish-washing liquid and warm water.

4. Another tip, also given by professional cleaners in London can help you to clean your burnt pans and pots with boil water and a lemon or some dish-washing solution. So, fill the pan with water. Then, add a lemon and 1 tablespoon of salt in the water. Boil the water, let it to cool and dispose it. You can do the same procedure, but instead of a lemon and salt you can pour in the water some dish-washing liquid detergent.

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