How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Keeping bathroom tiles in top shape is not hard as long as they are cleaned regularly. Taking care of your bathroom once a week is a good way to keep it clean with a little effort. However,  you can skip this advice, but know that the longer you wait between cleanings, the more difficult it will be to clean your bathroom tiles. So, do not let your bathroom tiles and grout become an eyesore, but follow these tips on how to clean bathroom tiles effectively and ensure the shiny look of your bathroom.

  1. Pour straight vinegar into a spray bottle and spray your bathroom tiles thoroughly with the vinegar. Use a damp sponge to scrub the tiles and let the surface dry. Do not worry about the vinegar smell as it will fade as the vinegar evaporates. If the tile is still dirty, go on to the next step.
  2. Mix equal parts of salt, baking soda and water, so a pasty solution forms. Use a sponge to rub the paste onto the tile, then rinse the sponge and use it to get the paste residue off the bathroom tiles.
  3. Remove any traces of soap and oils using lemon juice. Saturate a sponge with lemon juice and wipe the tile that you have just cleaned. The lemon juice will make the bathroom tiles look shiny and appealing.  There is no need to rinse the lemon juice off, according to cleaners Brockley.

In case, your grout is too dirty and the above method doesn’t help to clean it, try a stronger solution of bleach diluted with water. Do not forget to put rubber gloves in order to protect your hands from the bleach. Also, ventilate the bathroom by opening windows and doors to prevent inhaling dangerous fumes. Use a scrub brush to rub the bleach solution into the dirty grout, then rinse the area with hot water.
Since bathroom tiles often get victim to mold and mildew, cleaners Brockley suggest keeping your bathroom as dry as possible by opening a window after baths or showers to reduce the chance of mold growth.

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