How to Clean and Renew Window Blinds

It is summer, the sun is shining trough our windows that is why we need to keep them clean and streak-free. However, it is not easy to clean windows blinds. But using the the right tools and following the right advice you can clean and renew your blinds with less effort than before. You do not need to use any chemical-based cleaning solutions, most of them are harmful for you and your family and cost a lot of money.

Here are some tips, suggested by tenancy cleaning. that you can take advantage of during the cleaning.

  • First you need to dust the blinds, use a clean damp cloth or feather duster, you only need to remove the light dust. To make it easier you can use a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment. Make sure to remove the dust from the entire blinds.
  • To clean lightly soiled blinds you can use moist towel or even antibacterial wipes will do a great job too. Rub gently on the blinds holding the wipe or towel on your hand, with your fingers on top and thumb on bottom. Slide slowly your hand back and forth to get rid of most of the dirt.
  • When cleaning a metal blinds you need to use caution. Do never press them too hard, otherwise you might damage them permanently. It this case will be easier to completely remove the metal blinds from the window, after that lay them out on a clean old sheet and use the garden hose to rinse them thoroughly. Do never do this when cleaning wooden or fabric blinds, other wise the water will ruin them permanently.
  • Use a solution of lemon juice and tree oil to clean and polish the wooden blinds. Close the blinds and use a soft cloth or towel to apply the solvent, wipe them gently. Do not forget to wipe the both sides of the blinds.

For more advices and tips you can call end of tenancy cleaning services and ask for help.

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