How to Clean an Artwork

If you try to clean an unframed artwork, you can damage it really badly! So if you want to extend your picture and photo’s life, you should preserve them under frame and glass. That way, you can’t damage them, when you are dusting. Don’t forget – your goal is to clean the exterior casing and not the artwork.

Cleaners London are professionals in the cleaning sphere. Here, they will share with you some good tips on how to clean an artwork – whether you are cleaning a drawing, prints, watercolours or etchings. So follow the instructions bellow and clean your artwork without causing any damages.

1. Don’t use cloths when you are cleaning frames, especially if they are very valuable. It’s not a good idea to clean with feather dusters either – although for modern frames, this rule is not really important.

2. When it comes to plaster of Paris sculptures, you should use a clean cloth. Damp it in distilled water and then, wring it very well. In the end, dry the sculpture very gently and carefully and try to avoid any watermarks. If there’s any problem, it’s a good idea to call cleaning experts. They will give you some adequate tips on how to deal with the watermarks.

3. If you have a wooden sculpture, you should prepare eucalyptus oil and an old T-shirt. Spray a few drops of the oil onto the shirt and wipe the surface. Do that once a week and you’ll keep the dust away. If you don’t have eucalyptus oil, another option is to use a damp cloth. In the end, make sure that no moisture is left, because it will damage the wood. If there’s a stain on the sculpture, don’t attempt to clean it on your own. Get professional advice or hire a cleaner to deal with the task himself.

Cleaners in London can give a lot more tips. So if your artworks are too valuable and you don’t want to cause any damages, cleaning the artworks by yourself, call them and leave them to take the things in their hands. Now, if you are done with the cleaning – take a few minutes to relax.

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