How to Clean After Christmas (Part 2)

In Part 1, we described a few methods how to clean after Christmas. We discussed from where to start and how to do it. So far, it wasn’t really complicated, was it? So after this brake, maybe it’s time to continue.

Cleaners London continue with tips and instructions about post-Christmas cleaning. Now it’s time for the real cleaning part.

1. Firstly, you should start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. If there are any stains, call professional cleaning London services to ask for advice on how to remove it. The cleaners will gladly help you. Another option is to search in the net for some easy tricks about stains removal. However, if there are any difficult stains, leave them for professional cleaners, because there is always the possibility to ruin the carpet.

2. After holidays, your kitchen is one huge mess for sure. So the next step is to organize all the kitchen equipment. Wash and polish all the dirty dishes and glasses. Collect all the trash and get rid of it.

3. Pick up all the wrapping paper. If you can use it again for some other occasion, collect it in the closet. But if it is unusable and shredded, make sure that you recycle it in your paper garbage bin.

4. It’s that time of the year when everyone is donating, and why don’t you contribute with something as well? Review all of your excess items, but don’t put broken toys or torn clothing in the “donate” category.

5. If you had any guests during the holidays, you should start cleaning the guest’s bedrooms. Vacuum the carpet, check for stains, change the sheets and the rest of the linen.

6. Now it’s time for all the other rooms. There, you can stick to the following plan:
- vacuum or sweep the floor
- check for stains of all kinds and if there are any call professional cleaning services
- wipe the dust with a clean cloth, using a sanitizer
- clean the windows
- launder the curtains, the bedding and the bed linen

When, you are ready and you deserve to relax. And if you did the cleaning without hiring cleaning London professionals, maybe it’s time for the family reward. Have fun on the funfair!

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