How to Clean After Christmas (Part 1)

Christmas is the most favourite holiday of the year not only for the kids, but also for the adults. It’s not only about the presents, but about family warmth and comfort as well. Christmas eve is the time when all the family gathers around the full table with meat free meals, and they celebrate the Birth of Christ. This is the most sacred tradition, when everybody looks back on what he or she has done wrong in the passed year and everyone forgives each other.

After this favourite holiday, what we want to think about the least is the cleaning after it. That might surprise you, but it’s not that hard. Even, if you think about it, this is another opportunity for the whole family to be together. You don’t need professional cleaners London to do your job. That way you will save money from hiring them and you can reward the whole family with a dinner in restaurant or a day at the funfair. Just follow the instructions bellow and that should be enough to organize your house.

1. Create a few mini-goals. Start with Christmas decoration. For better results, you should split all the tasks in equal parts. Take Christmas lights off and gather the ornaments. Sort everything in different boxes. Maybe it’s a good idea to label the boxes, because that will help you not only to separate the fragile toys, but to know the exact location of all decoration for next year. A reward like a piece of cake is really helpful to get the job done very quickly.

2. Wash all Christmas dishes and pick them up in their proper places – in the upper cupboard or in a box in the storeroom. Don’t forget to polish them well, before putting them in boxes. If you want to prevent their breaking, try to wrap each plate in paper or old newspaper.

You didn’t need cleaning London services till now, did you? Take a few minutes to relax, and at this time you can read Part 2 for more good tips and advice about how to clean after Christmas holidays.

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