How to Clean a Waterbed Mattress

If the newest addition to your bedroom is a brand new waterbed mattress, then you need to learn how to preserve its good look and shape for a longer period. Waterbed mattresses should be maintained regularly, which means that you have to examine it for any dirt, germs and bacteria at least once a month.

To help you with the regular maintenance of your waterbed mattress our cleaning London experts have prepared a few useful tips for you. And all of them can be found in the next lines.

1. Begin the cleaning of your waterbed mattress by removing all pillows, sheets and covers from it. Then you can put them in the washing machine. Also, you have to take care of your waterbed lines. So, do not forget to wash them, too.

2. You will need a rag or towel and some cleaning disinfectant to wipe down the surface of the mattress. For the procedure you can also use some vinyl cleaner, as well. It would be good to check the bed’s instructions for any cleaning products, which are recommended by the manufacturer. Usually manufacturers recommend agents that work best with their products. This detergent will preserve the good form and shape of your mattress and will help avoid any wear and tear, as well.

3. London cleaning professionals advise to not forget to read the label on the bottle first before using the cleaner. Furthermore, it would be good to test the solution on some unseen area on the mattress first to avoid any possible damages. Once the detergent has been tested, you can wipe down the entire surface of your waterbed mattress with it. Then use a clean towel to dry the surface. Repeat the procedure, if necessary.

4. If you do not have any vinyl cleaner at home, then you can use some other commercial alternatives that are available on the market. However, you should keep in mind that the other cleaning agents will not be as effective as the vinyl cleaner. The last one helps condition and protect the mattress, while the other cleaning agents disinfect the surface only.

5. It is really important to make sure that your mattress is completely dry after the cleaning. To dry it effectively you have to rub the mattress down with a clean, dry towel before replacing the bedding. This way, professional cleaners in London say that you will not only preserve your sheets from becoming damp, but will be sure that no mould and mildew will appear on the surface, as well.

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