How to Clean a Silk Rug – Do’s and Dont’s

Silk rugs are a beautiful addition to every home décor. However, it is not very easy to maintain this type of rugs. Therefore, it is good to learn what you can and cannot do while cleaning a silk rug to preserve its good appearance for a longer period.

There are numerous carpet cleaning and rug cleaning tips posted on the web that you can read to find out how to take care of your silk rugs. And do you know what .. this article is one of them. Here you will find how to clean a silk rug – do’s and dont’s. So, read on to get the wanted information

1. Do always treat stains on a silk rug as soon as you notice them. The sooner you attack the stains, the easier it will be for you to get rid of them. Begin by removing as much of the stains as you can with clean white paper towels, then blot the excess. Use club soda to clean the area. Let the silk rug air-dry when you are done cleaning it.

2. It would be good to choose wool blended with silk as it will keep the softness and beauty of the rug. However, you should know that it is sensitive to stains. So, pick up a wool-silk blend if this is possible.

3. The best way to preserve the beautiful look of your silk rugs is by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. This way you will be sure that your rugs will receive the best possible care.

4. Do not ever place silk rugs in high traffic areas as this will increase the chance of stains. Prolong the life of your silk rug by placing it in a low-traffic area.

5. Carpet cleaning London experts recommend avoiding to use any chemical solutions to clean your silk rugs. The strongest cleaner that you should use is a solution of water and white vinegar. Moreover, you are not allowed to wash the rugs with hot water as this will damage the fabric.

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