How to Clean a LCD TV

Nowadays, LCD TVs have become very popular. The old-fashioned TV screens can hardly be found any more, because very few manufacturers produce them. LCD TVs are great but they need special care. You cannot spray them with a window cleaner and wipe with a cloth, as you did in the past when cleaning your old TV, because you will damage them. You must be very careful when maintaining these electronics.

Because of the nature of LCD screens, they need special cares. You must not wipe them with whatever falls in your hands, as you might scratch or damage them. Here are a few tips from one of the professional cleaners in Custom House on how to clean your LCD TV:

  • When you want to clean it lightly or to dust it, use a soft cloth to wipe it. Don’t use any scratchy cloths or paper, because they might damage the screen.
  • Don’t use any hard chemicals, or other detergents to clean your LCD TV. If you want you can buy a special cleaner, but why spending money, when you can accomplish the chore with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and distilled water. Don’t use tap water, because it will leave residue on the screen.
  • Dip a cloth in the solution, and wring out as much of the excess liquid as you can. Wipe the screen carefully, not pressing too hard, so not to damage it. Don’t use any spray bottles to apply the solution, as moisture might get inside the TV and damage it.

Cleaning a LCD TV is not a hard task, as you can see from above. Use these tips, or consult with some other cleaner from North Woolwich to learn others. Whatever you decide to clean your TV with, though, be very careful with the delicate screen, because the chance to damage it is very big.

Good luck and have fun while cleaning.

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