How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

It is not very pleasant to work on a sticky keyboard, is it? That may be something small, but can also affect your work a lot. For example, when you are entering important details you are likely to make mistakes. As a results you star to waste a lot of your nerves, which are the only cells that don’t repair themselves in the humans body.

Considering how important is to save your nerves in good and calm state cleaning Chiswick team provide the following tips on how to clean your laptop keyboard:

To begin turn off your laptop. If it is plugged in an electric outlet you should unplug it as well.

Wet a clean soft cloth with hot water. Be careful not to harm your hands or fingers with the water. Do not over-soak your cloth. It should be only damp.

Start working on your keyboard with the cloth. Apply slight pressure to the sticky areas. Work on that particular areas and the results won’t be late. The slight dampness and the heat will dissolve the sugar substance for no time.

Wet a durable paper towel. Squeeze it in order to remove the excess water. If you want to achieve better result you may use your tweezers to clean up the hard to reach places between the keys.

Lay the paper towel on the sticky area and carefully the tweezers on the towel on one side of the towel. Then start to rub in back and fourth motion. Do not apply too much pressure or you will damage your keyboard.

Trow the towel and take a second rag to wipe the excess moisture off the laptop keyboard surface. After having your keyboard completely dry you may plug it back.

Cleaners Chiswick wish you great final results!

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  1. Mick

    Good advice I tried it and it works.

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